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Koreshka Russian Blues

Est 1995

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We are husband and wife and we enjoy having Russian blues in our lives immensely. Showing our cats and meeting up with our friends at shows and sometimes having kittens share our lives, is an added bonus and something we enjoy very much. We are passionate about the breed and therefore when we do have kittens , it is to improve the breed by occonally selecting one to keep. We we aim to breed healthy, happy kittens to promote quality in the breed..
How did we become interested? It was after we became a port of call for a stray cat in 1995. Enchanted by this brief encounter with our feline visitor, we did our research and realised she was a Russian. Shortly after that, we got our own first Russian Blues, Smirnoff from North Yorkshire and Koska from Oxford and we have been hooked ever since.
Firstly we became interested in showing cats and after we had built up our knowledge and experience, we got our GCCF registered prefix KORESHKA in 1996. We then embarked on having our first kittens, with the help of Smirnoff's breeder who let us use their stud cat to get our line going.
Any kittens we have will have the first name of Koreshka in their pedigree name. It's abit like a surname but comes first and Identifies who has bred the kittens.
After a break due to illness, we have been back showing and enjoying the breed for the last few years. Although we do not have our original cats, both Nicolai and Eli have links back to relatives of our original cats. It is also nice that they to have a nice mix of new lines in their pedigrees.
We are especially proud to have our Troika girls Eli and Eva and we are honoured to be owned by girls from this multi award winning line. The mix of Eli and Nici's breeding lines has worked together well, producing some very nice kittens, our home bred girl Roksi being a very good example of the breed and she is very special to us.
We were also adopted by Gr Ch Dushenka Czar Koreshki - Korei, who also adds some fantastic breed lines to our pedigree, his name Koreshki means Roots in Russian and now he forms part of the roots of our own breed line, as he is Tasi's Dad. We are again honoured to have a handsome Dushenka cat join our family, another prize winning line as proved by Korei at his first adult show, when he won Best In Show Overall exhibit.
Our girls have no more than one litter of kittens a year, preferably less, so that the rest of the time they will enjoy being pets and being spoilt rotten as much loved family members. That said the girls will let us know when they need to have kittens.
We are members of several cat clubs, the most important ones to us being the RBBA ( Russian Blue Breeders Association) and RACCS ( Russian & Abyssinian cat club of Scotland). RACCS had it's first championship show in January 2013, and will have the next in December 2013 .We are both now committee members and hold various posts for the club. The RBBA show is in October,  quite an honour. This show is an amazing opertunity to see so many Russian cats together at one opportunity
We love to show our cats at shows within a reasonable travelling distance - although all our show cats travel very well indeed. Nicolai ,Eli and Roksi, are an Imperial Grand Champions, Korei is a Grand Champions and Tasi is a Champion. We look forward them to progressing further. Eva is not so keen on travel, so she is a home loving girl.
You can learn more about our cats and meet them on the about our Queens and Studs pages.
Like most Russian Breeders we know, we are obsessed with our cats as they are such great characters and company - once you have had a Russian Blue in your life you would never be without one.