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Koreshka Russian Blues

Est 1995

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Our Cats Awards
IGrCh Kashyk Czar Dombrovski
1 Olympian Certificate, 5 Imperial Grand Challenge Certificates, 1 Reserve IMPGCC, 3 GCCs, 2 Reserve GCCs, 8 CCs, 3 BOBs (as adult) BOV Foreign Kitten and BIS foreign Variety, Nominated BOV Adult.
Winner of Sashova Temperament Class RBBA show 2010.
IGrCh Troika Eliana Puskina achieved 16.6.12
1 Olympian Certificate, 5 Imperial Grand Challenge certificates, 3 Grand Challenge Certificates, 2 Reserve GCCs, 10 CCs, 4 BOBs, 2 BOV adult wins, including 1st CC open class RBBA show 2010, currently has 3 Imperial Grand Challenge certificates
IGr Ch Koreshka Roksana Rusina achieved 16.6.12
1 Reserve Olympian Certificate, Best Foreign Adult and overall Best in Show Foreign Exhibit Lakeland Show 2014.5 Imperial Grand Challenge certificates, 3 Grand Challenge certificates and 4 reserves, 3 CCs and ? BOB (as adult)
Winner of Sashova Temperament Class RBBA show 2013 and RACCS show Dec 2013 Temperament class.
and in kitten classes Ist show November 2010 - 1st Open, Best of Breed, 1st all miscellaneous classes, Best of Foreign Variety Kitten and Best in Show Overall Foreign aged 18 weeks.7 Kitten shows, 5 times 1st and Best of Breed, 2 times Best of Variety kitten, 1 times Best Overall Foreign/Best in Show Foreign Exhibit. Royal Canin overall foreign exhibit winner for Feb 2011.4 times winner of breeders kitten class and 2 red card days (1 with 5 classes and entries of 8 and 10 cats).
Grand Champion Dushenka Czar Koreshki achieved Nov 12
3 GCCs, 2 reserve GCCs, 4 CCs, 5 BOBs, 1BOV, 1 BIS exhibit - adult shows
Ist adult show, 1st place, Challenge certificate, best of breed, best foreign adult, best of variety foreign exhibit and Overall Best in Show exhibit.
Champion Koreshka Natasha Puschkova 1996 - 2005
3 CCs.
Champion Koreshka Tasiya Koreleva 20.7.13  
Our baby girl 3CCs and  BOB in 3 straight shows at only 10 months 3 weeks of age.Best Foreign kitten female and overall Best in show Russian Kitten at the RACCS show Jan 2013.
Champion Koreshka Olexsa Bluestar 09.8.14  
Our baby girl 3CCs and 3 BOBs just before her first birthday. Best Foreign kitten female and overall Best in show Russian Kitten at the RACCS show Dec 2013, also youngest exhibit at 16 weeks of age. Best Foreign kitten at the Coventry & Leicester show.
Competitors - untitled
Koreshka Rudi Snaffleovski
1CC Ist adult show. Only 2 kitten classes, 1 2nd out of 3, other 1st & BOB out of 4 males (2 females for BOB)
Other Koreshka's at other homes
Koreshka Liliana - 1 PC
Koreshka Andrei Nicolsky - 1 PC
Koreshka Sasha - Kittiana - breed class 2nd Place.
Koreshka Aleksandr Dushkin - 2PCs & BOB- sadly Dusty went missing & hasn't been found.
Koreshka Isaac Mosskat - 1 PC.
See below - for show awards explanation.
Awards at championship shows explained.
At 9 months old, enter open classes for their breed, e.g. Russian Blue Adult. If awarded 1st prize they can be awarded a challenge certificate (CC). the award of Champion status is acheived by getting 3 x CC (needs to be 3 different judges), so at least 3 times winner at 3 separate shows.
Grand Champion Classes
Once a Champion, cats can enter the Grand class - this has breeds from the foreign section (includes Abyssinian, Cornish and Devon Rex, Korat, Ocicat, Bengal and a few others) If the cat comes first it can be awarded a Grand Challenge certificate (GCC), 3 x GCC makes the cat a Grand Champion, again 3 different judges are required. There is also a runner up award of reserve Grand Champion.
Imperial Classes
Once a Grand Champion, cats can be entered in the Imperial class, if they come 1st they can be awarded an Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate (IGCC). To gain the staus of Imperial Grand Champion, 5 certificates are needed from different judges. Again there is a reserve award.
The higher the award the more difficult it is to attain, as the cat needs to be a good example of it's breed. See the Russian Standard of Points on the RBBA website to see what the judges are looking for.
Olympion Classes . Once a cat is an IGR CH it can be entered in the Olympian class, here the cat is competing against all sections and therefore breeds/ Imperial level cats in the show. There are levels of bronze, silver, gold, 5 certificates from 5 different judges are needed for each level, so 15 are needed for the highest level. So it will be very tough to achieve this award.
All Russians entered in the above classes at a shows will be considered together for the award of Best of Breed (BOB). The cats awarded BOB can be nominated by the judges to be considered for the best Adult, Kitten and Neuter in each section, e.g. Foriegn, these are called Best of Variety, the winning Adult, Kitten and Neuter are judged for Overall Best of variety, The Best of Variety winners from each section are judged for Best in Show. Not every show has a best in show or can be operated slightly differently.
Kitten classes
Kittens have a separate open class and are awarded places but not certificates, they also have a best of breed.
Neutered cats - before 9 months enter the kitten classes with entire kittens and then
once 9 months old enter these classes. The awards are similar to adults, but the status is Premier rather than Champion, so they get Premier certificates, then Grand Premier ,then Imperial Grand Premier.