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22nd July 2013

At the weekend we went to the Gwynedd cat show and Tasi became a Champion in 3 straight shows at only 10 months and 3 weeks. 
Eli is expecting kittens by the rather handsome UK & Imperial Grand Champion Furbell Stargazer - Starry G to his Mum and friends. - keep an eye on the Eli's kitten 2013 page for more news.
10th March 2013

After a fabulous win yesterday, Dusty went to his new home with his lovely new family of 6 to spoil him rotten, missing you already Dusters!
9th March 2013

Today was the Lancashire Show and 4 of us cats were there. Korei got a reserve grand certificate. Roksi got the Imperial certificate and Best of Breed out of 7 adults and 1st in all 3 of her side classes. Tasiya was 1st out of 3 female kittens, Dusty was 1st out of 3 male kittens and got best of breed out of the 6 , sorry Tasiya. Dusty also won 2 x 1st and a 3rd in his side classes.
Pics to follow coutesy of our friend Elisabeth.
5th January 2013

Today it was the first ever RACCS ( Russian and Abyssian cat club of Scotland) show, we took 5 cats to support the show. Never again, must be bonkers.
Korei got an Imperial certificate, first attempt, Eli got an Olympion certificate at her first attempt and 2 x 1st, 1 x 2nd in side classes. Roksi didn't do so well, she is still not back infull condition. The kittens did well Dusty got 2nd out of 3 and tasiya came 1st out of 3, got Best of Breed out of 9 kittens, got best Russian female kitten and Best overall Russian kitten, so ended up in the Best in show pens at her first show, she was beaten by the Russian Adult at that satge for best overall Russian but still she did extremely well and we are very proud of her.
1st and 8th December 2012

2 babies have left home, both have really nice families, who were really excited to have them.
Dory and Roman (aka cute face) see pics on Elis's kittens 2012 page.
10th November 2012

Today Korei, became a Grand Champion
and he also got Best of breed and two firsts in his miscellaneous classes at the Cheshire and Area show, well done Korei boy.
Thank you to his judges, who it has to be said do not give certificates away lightly - they are 
Mrs Helen Marriot - Power, Mr George Gow and Mr John Hansson.
2nd November 2012

Eva is expecting kittens, they are due at the beginning of December. Roksi is home from stud but we are nor sure if she will be pregnant.Eli's kittens are growing up fast and have had their first vaccinations already, they will be due to go to new homes in 4- 5 weeks. We are still deciding if one will stay? Decisions.
For Kitten updates - see Eli's kittens 2012 page
28th August 2012

We have arrived, but it was a bumpy ride for our Mum as some of us were abit big. We are all curled up happy and content now, so hopefully we will all be ok. Mum Eli is getting lots of rest and is being pampered.
It is early days so we will contact people on our kitten interested list in a few weeks, once we have had time to rest and get into a routine. So if anyone has subsequently arranged to get or got a kitten from somewhere else, could you drop us an email to save us an unecessary contact, Thank you.
24th August 2012

Eli reaches 9 weeks of pregnancy this weekend, so we have taken a photo or two so you can see how her tummy has grown. Hopefully we will get to see the little bundles of cuteness she has been carrying in the furr soon. We are hoping they appear over the weekend, although she isn't due until Tuesday, but we will see what mother nature brings.
16th August 2012

Eli has reached the 8 week point in her pregnancy and is doing well, although she isn't moving around too much now as she is quite big. See Eli's Kittens 2012.
Roksi is having a lovely time at stud with her boyfriend Starry G, it seems they are in love, so we hope she will be expecting and will be able to come home soon, once we can confirm that she is.
11th August 2012

Eli's pregnancy reaches 7 weeks , so she is getting quite big and has enjoyed laying on the wooden floor of the lounge to cool down, she has also been sleeping on the window cill, despite all the nice beds she has available, including ours.
 We think she is having a good sized litter and maybe an odd numbers see below
Only 2 weeks and 2 days to go - hopefully a bank holiday treat for us. Keep you fingers crossed all is well and we see happy, healthy little babies then.
Roksi news - Roksi and her mate Starry G, mated the next day after she went home with him from the show last week. So we will be calling today to see whether that continued and if so when she will come home. More finger crossing required!
4th August 2012

Today was Eastern Counties show - we went there  (longer journey than normal) as Roksi was to go back to her stud, so she was entered in the Imperial class. Sadly she did not win but looked amazing
Starry G certainly recognised her and was chatting her up before we even left the show - bet he was looking forward to this evening. Hurry up and come home soon - sweet  Roksi.
Korei boy did amazingly well, despite loosing abit of weight as the boys do in the summer to get his secong GCC from a renowned and tough judge
2nd August 2012

Eli belly watch is under way - she is 6 weeks at the weekend and certainly seems to have a reasonable sizd litter.
30th July 2012

Firstly Kitten news - Eli is 5 weeks pregnant, so could we ask those people who have previously asked to be on our interested list, and anyone else who are interested in having one of our kittens,to send us an email. You can use the contact page on the site if you do not have a previous email saved.
21st July 2012

Show news - today was the Gwynedd show, Roksi got the reserve Imperial Grand Challenge certificate and Korei got the reserve Grand Challenge certificate and was also awarded Best of Breed. The BOB judge said it was a really difficult choice between the two of them but he felt happier when I told him they were both our cats.
8th July 2012

Yesterday was Roksi's birthday - happy birthday to her siblings - Sasha, Missy, Nika, Tamarra and Boris.
Eli is eating well so we are hoping she is expecting - another week or two and we should be able to confirm.
Roksi's and Korei's next show will be in the Grand and Imperial classes, we are really pleased with their progress on the show bench so far.
27th June 2012

Well folks Eli and Korei have been having a little rendevous  during the weekend and last couple of days - so lets watch this space and see if we will have kittens in a little over 8 weeks time.
23rd June 2012

Think Eli, is showing some interest in having some kittens, will post news when we have some.
16th June 2012

Today we were at the Lakeland and District show, this is a lovely show with fabulous rosettes and efficiency. The weather was bad and we had a soggy visit into the town for breakfast but then on our return we were wowed by the cats as they had swept the board.
Eli got her fith and final Imperial Grand Challenge certificate and is now Imperial Grand Champion Troika Eliana Pushkina.
Roksi got her 3rd and final Grand Challenge certificate  and is now Grand Champion Koreshka Roksana Rusina, it was particularly nice as Roksi became a Champion at this show the previous year
and Korei got his first Grand Challenge certificate - first attempt in that class and also won Best of Breed, beating Eli, Roksi and all the other Russian blue adults for that award.
10th June 2012

An update for those who have enquired about kittens - Sorry but Eva is not expecting, she has been mated once a few weeks ago but as she is a young first time queen, it is understandable she is not pregnant. So when she is ready again, she will be mated and hopefully will have some babies. Roksi will go to stud in August which is when her mate will be available, meanwhile we are enjoying showing her, she needs one more certificate to become a Grand Champion. We are also showing Eli, who needs one more certificate to become an Imperial Grand Champion, we will decide when Eli will have kittens depending on Eva and Roksi's timings. So in short we will have some kittens but later than originally planned.
26th May 2012

Today we were at the Durham County Cat Show, Roksi got her 2nd Grand Challenge certificate, only one needed for her to become a Grand Champion, she also got 1st in 2 miscellaneous classes. Korei cam first in all his classes, he is already a Champion - so next show he can enter the Grand class.
Hopefully pictures to follow from a friend as we forgot the camera.
18th May 2012

Eva was mated to Nicolai just coming up 2 weeks this weekend,so we now wait another week or so to see if she shows the signs of being pregnant. Roksi will be going out to stud once her mate becomes available, so in the meantime she will be going to a show or two. We are waiting for Eli to come fully into season so she can be mated to our boy Korei, so we are hoping that is soon.
7th May

Eva and Nicolai have had a little ge
t together, so we hope for kittens from them soon. Watch this space for news, we should be able to tell if she is pregnant in about three weeks time.
29th April 2012

We are still staring at Roksi's tummy and other areas, wondering if she is expecting or not. She is certainly eating lots and getting heavier but at this stage we don't know if it is all the food or kittens.
Eli will be mated shortly, we are just she is just deciding which boyfriend she wouls like this year, now she has a choice of two live in boys.
28th April 2012

Today we were at the Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire & Districts shows, both held at the same venue and date, hence our ability to enter both.
Unfortunately Eli didn't do very well as she has reached the time of year when she would like kittens, so was not looking her best.
Korei on the otherhand who is not yet affected by hormones..............
Got 1st Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed (out of 6 adults) in the Cambridge show, which meant he became a Champion on the day as he achieved 3 Challenge certificates in 3 straight shows at literally just 1 year old as it was his birthday on Monday. He also got 1st and a challenge certificate in the BDCC show also, just to make sure.
So now he can enter the Grand Classes but not at his next show as the clsing date for entries has already passed.
26th March 2012

Today was the Preston and Blackpool show, Eli gained her 4th Imperial Certificate and Korei got his second Challenge certificate and Best of Breed, again agaist some stunning Russians.
Only one more certificate needed by both, always the hardest to get. Circle
10th March 2012 Circle

We were at the Lancashire show today for the 3rd year running, it has happy memories, the first ever show for Nicolai and this year the first adult show for Korei. What a fantastic day he gave us, he got his 1st place and Challenge Certificate, and two further first places and a third in his side classes He then was awarded Best of breed over some very stunning Russians, so we were quite pleased by this stage but that wasn't enough for Korei boy......... He then got Best of Variety adult
To explain at shows that are various sections such as long haired, semi long haired, British, Burmese, Siamese and then Foreign. Cats compete generally within their own sections. The foreign section comprises of several breeds unlike the ones who have their own e.g. British, this is because more british cats are shown, so there is enough to form their own section, where as breeds like the Russian Blue are rarer and so join with other breeds of a foreign type to make up the Foreign section.
So Korei was awarded best Adult in the foreign section also called best of variety adult and then
He wasn't stopping there as he then got best foreign exhibit ( so the best out of the Best Adult, Best Neuter and Best Kitten in the foreign section).
The next bit I never thought I would write as this is something we never imagined would happen to us, although we have been in the best in show pens with both Nici and Roksi - Korei did one better by actually becoming the Overall BEST IN SHOW exhibit - WOW!!!!!!!!!!.
( So to explain the scale of his award - each best in show variety cat Foreign, Persian, British, Siamese, Burmese, Long haired, Semi Longhaired, Oriental, are placed in the Best in Show pens, these cats are then judged against each other and the winner is the Overall Best In show exhibit)
Clever Korei with on lookers, judges Grace Denny who awarded the esteemed prize of Best in Show and Helen Marriott -Power who made that possible by awarding him Best of Breed, Best of Variety Adult and Best Foriegn exhibit - thank you both very much indeed.
Thank you also to Korei's breeder and our good friend Elisabeth Stark for our Handsome, Purry Snoogle Sausage - just a few names we like to call him, who incidently was nearly in tears when she met him again at the show, think he may have grown abit and developed into a fine example of the breed in the 6 months since his last show, even at his tender age of only ten and a half months. We were certainly all in tears at the end, well maybe not the boys!
Thanks to Heather Bradley for taking the photo.
4th February 2012

At the Shropshire show Eli got her 3rd Imperial Certificate and 1st in all her classes. Roksi got her 1st Grand Challenge certificate and Best of Breed Russian Adult and a 2nd and 4th in her side classes. The girls did it for Anna.
3rd February 2012

19th August 1998 to 3rd February 2012
In loving memory of Anna the last of our older Russians, she is now at peace after a battle with her health in her older years. We miss her dreadfully as she was surrogate Mum to our youngsters and a real affectionate companion to us, another piece of our lives and hearts have gone with her. She is buried in the garden with all the other old pals, hopefully she will be chasing them around again in cat heaven.
Anna in one of her typical poses, tongue out giving little Eva a wash.


10th September 2011

Today we went to the Northern counties show with debutante's Eva and Andrei and li for her first show since having the kittens.

Eva came second against a very pretty more mature kitten but she enjoyed the experience so that was the main thing. Andrei came first in all his classes and wowed the judges bu purring and paddling through the whole thing, he loved it and played away being cheeky all day.

Eli did fabulously well she got first in 3 classes, 2nd in another and got Best of Breed and her 3rd and final Grand Challenge certificate. So she is now Grand Champion Troika Eliana Pushkina. There are now 3 Grand Champion siblings in the litter Eli was from, we call is a Troika of Troika Grand Champions.

27th August 2011

Today we went to the Teeside show with Korei and Nicolai.

Korei came second in all his classes but nicolai had a great day and got his 5th and final Imperial certificate - so is now Imperial Grand Champion Kashyk Czar Dombrovski, now he gets to generally retire from the show scene, unless he has an odd outing in the future.

18th June 2011

Today we went to the Lakeland and District cat show with Nicolai and Roksi.


Nicolai got his 4th Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate - only one more needed. He also got a 1st and 4th in his miscellaneous classes.


Roksi got her 3rd Challenge certificate so became Champion Koreshka Roksana Rusina our first homebred Koreshka Champion for a few years so it was extra special, and at the tender age of 11 months and only a few shows, it was quite a success.

We are hoping we can get her into the next level of class for her next show


Both were spoilt with a fish lunch shared with Roksi's Uncle Teddy who got the BOB, thanks to Teddy and the Dushenka's for Roksi's lovely congratulations card and well done to Tasha on getting her grand and the kittens Basil and Lucy both getting 1st but especially Lucy who did as Roksi did in her first show and got best foreign kitten and best in show foreign exhibit - well done all, a good Russian day out.

4th June 2011


Today was the Merseyside Cat Club show, good and bad results!

Nici did well and got his 3rd Imperial Certificate and another 1st in one of his side classes.

Roksi unfortunately was given 2nd place in the main class, so we will have to try again for her final challenge certificate. She did however win the 1st place cat in the RBBA (Russian Blue Breeders Association) club class - so that cheered us up a little.

It was a rather warm day so don't think Roksi's coat looked it's best but we will see next time.

31st May 2011

This morning right on her due date Eli has given birth to 6 kittens, an early check suggests there are 5 girls and 1 boy, all a nice weight too. Mum and kitts are having a well earned rest. Unfortunately Dave did miss it again as Eli stuck to her due date, having her first kitten at the sociable time of 9.37am this morning.
27th May 2011

At the Midland Counties cat show - Roksi had a photo shoot courtesy of Cat Planet, Robert Fox the Photographer and Royal Canin (see the slideshow on the about are queens page). Roksi was the top overal exhibit for the month of February in the Royal Canin competition on Cat Planet website. Her prize was a free bag of food and her picture taken by Robert.
Anyway have a look they are lovely - thank you Robert, Cat Planet and Royal Canin. By the way our cats love Royal Canin food - so their health and vitality are a credit to this and the other premium food they like to munch in vast quantities!
Should mention all photo's are copy righted by Robert and Koreshka Russian Blues on our website.
22nd May 2011

Today we went to the Midland Counties cat club show - yes that's right on a Sunday - very strange.
We had a very good day, lovely venue, cooked breakfast outside in the sun and then went in to see the results
Roksi got her 2nd Challenge Certificate ( only 1 more to get to Champion) and Best of Breed, she also got 2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd in her side classes.
Nici got his 2nd Imperial Grand Challenge certificate (needs 5 in total), he also got 2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd in his side classes.
15th May 2011

Little Roksi decided to pose for the camera for once - she hates having her picture taken, has done since she was about 6 weeks old when she used to bat the camera or fluff herself up to look big.
7th May 2011

Today we went to the Manchester and District Cat Show.
Nici was entered in the Imperial class but unfortunately did not get a certificate, he got 1st place, he did however get Best of Breed in the Adult Russians. He also got a 1st, 2nd and 4th in his miscellaneous classes.
Little Roksi did well at her first adult show, she got 1st and a Challenge certificate in her open class and 3 x 1st and 1 x 2nd in her misc classes.
We were totally disorganised, we were taking pictures on my phone which then had a flat bettery, we took a small camera, which had a flat battery! We took some pictures on Dave's phone - but not sure they will be very good - will upload if any good later.
1st May 2011

We had a nice day in the sun and took some photos outside
Eli - look at those emerald eyes
26th March 2011

It was the Preston and Blackpool cat show.
Apologies for the delay in News but the humans have had a nasty tummy bug , so only just starting to feel human again.
Roksi got 1st and Best of Breed at what was to be her last kitten class, as she is 9 months old at the beginning of April and will enter adult classes from now on. She also got 2 x 1sts and a 3rd in her misc classes.
Nicolai got his first Imperial Grand Challenge certificate and a 1st and 2 x 2nd in his misc classes.
Eliana stole the show though getting 1st and a challenge certificate in the open, Best of breed out of 8 lovely Russian adults, her Grand challenge certificate and a first in a misc class. She then went on to get Best of variety Foreign adult. Her litter brother Teddy - GR CH Troika Ivan Tsarevich got his 3rd GCC and became a grand champion on the day.
So well done to Clare Bandy for breeding such a fabulous award winning litter.
12th March 2011

It was the Lancashire Show today
Just the girls there. Unfortunately Eli did not get her second GCC but did get 1st CC in the open and a 3rd in a side class.
Roksi pulled it off again, getting 1st and best of breed in a class of 3 lovely girls. She also got 2 x 2nd and a 3rd in her miscellaneous classes. Again she enjoyed the day lolling around but was a wee bit sleepy in the afternoon.
26th February 2011

It was the Coventry and Leicester Show today and all 3 show cats were there.
Nici got the Reserve Imperial Grand Challenge Certificate and a rather fine rosette with his name engraved on it, he also got 1st in the fun astrology class and got a lovely rosette covered in moons and stars.
Eli finally got the recogniton she deserves and got her 1st Grand Champion challenge certificate and again a rather fine rosette with her name and title engraved on it. She also got first and CC in her open class and a second and forth in misc classes.
Little Roksi did rather well again getting first and Best of Breed and first in all her 4 miscellaneous classes ( some with 8 or 10 entries) - another red card day! Even if the Best of Breed and Diamond Jubilee Rosettes were blue (first is normally red, blue second).
Roksi with her massive haul of 1st and BOB rosettes.
Roksi with the proper coloured rosettes!
Will take some home photos of Nici and Eli with their posh rosettes - as they were rather special rosettes by Richardson's which were engraved and so they did not arrive on the pens until the end of the show.
Thank you's go to C & L cat show managers and Richardson designs for some very special momento's of the achievements on the day.
5th February 2011

We went to Shropshire Cat Club Show today.
Eli didn't get anything in the Grand class but again got 1st and a CC in the open class, she also got 2 x 1st in her miscellaneous classes, including one of 8 entrants.
Roksi got 1st and best of breed beating the kitten who won over her last time. She also got 2 x 1st and 1 x 2nd in her miscellaneous classes. She then went on the win Best of Foreign variety kitten again! Wow!
Photo below is of Roksi taken by Sue McParlin fom Cat Planet at the show.

29th January 2011

Finally some sun so we took some photos of the girls as they enjoyed watching the birds from the run.
Eli gets some practice in for tomorrow's RSPB count the garden birds.
Roksi is quite gorgeous like her Mum.
Roksi does a dance, or is it a karate move, or is she doing some dusting, or maybe painting?
Pretty Eliana soaks up the sun.
22nd January 2011

Second show of the year - Notts and Derby
Eli again got Reserve Grand Champion, she came up against a UK IMP GRCH cat but the judge did write on the reults slip that they were 2 lovely girls. She also got 1st and a CC in the open class and she got Best of Breed Russian Blue. She also had a 1st and 2nd in her miscellaneous classes.
Roksi came second again but was still winning people's hearts with her preference for lounging around in our arms or on our lap than being in her pen. She is going through a growing spurt at the moment, she is almost as big as her Mum and she is getting very pretty just like her too.
Picture of Roksi taken by Sean Farrell from cat Planet at the Notts and Derby Show

Nici stayed at home, as he is having a little break as we show the girls for the moment but he will will be out with the girls at a show before too long.
8th January 2011

First show of the year
The short haired cat show
Eli got Reserve Grand Champion in a class of 6 and 1st and a CC in the open class, also a 1st and a 2nd in her side classes.
Roksi was 2nd in an open class of 5 and 1st in the breeders kitten class, she also got another 2nd. She loved the show again, lounging around in our arms upside down like a baby while people admired her.
Nici stayed at home for some peace and quiet.
2nd January 2011

First photos of the year
What are you up to with that camera?
Roksi and her Mum Eli, see the likeness?
What a fabulous silvery shine to her young coat.
Chasing the laser light.
13th November 2010

It's showtime - Cheshire and Area show
Nici and Eli were not so sucessful today however Eli did get 1st CC and BOB in her open class and 2 x 2nds in her misc classes.
Roksi on the other hand!
She was the only Russian kitten so we would have been surprised if she hadn't got 1st and best of breed but they do not have to be given if the standard is not high enough. However she also got 1st in her 3 miscellaneous classes known as a red card day to exhibitors, so that cheered us up after the adult results but then...............
We began to notice extra big rosettes on the odd pen, we returned to Roksi to see she had one of these rosettes - on the reverse it told us she was Best of Foriegn Variety Kitten.
At which point a judge we knew walked past and asked how we had done, we pointed to the rosette, he looked at numbers in his hand and asked us to put Roksi in the best in show pens, she had also won best overall foreign in show which means she also was best of all the cats in the section, cats kittens and neuters.
Unfortunately she did not win Overall best in show but then she was the only kitten so her achievements were fantastic especially for her debut show. She loved every minute of it too, playing, trashing her pen, posing and winning the hearts of a few judges.
Thank you to Helen Marriott-Power the best of variety judge, who I think secretly wanted to take Roksi home?
This is Roksi playing with her rosettes and her new mouse toy
This is Roksi letting us know who's posh rosettes these are
Roksi posing
This is Roksi posing with the Rosettes that gave her the red card day - still 2 more to come though!
Roksi stops for a wash did she know she knew she would be moving pens? - This is the her in the BIS pen with her Best in Show Foreign Rosette
Roksi being judged for Best in Show by Mrs Perkins
Inside her posh pen, after this she promptly fell asleep - she had to be jiggled about for her photo for Cat Planet- check out her photos there later
This is her later on, out for the count, incidently she was like this when she came out of the pen to go home - could have carried her out to the car like this.
7th November 2010

Little Roksi continues to grow and rule the roost, she is now 17 and a half weeks old. It's her first show next week so we will see what she makes of that, going to take her out for another car ride later, we do that to get kittens used to travel and noise.
Meanwhile we had a photo shoot in the sunny conservatory.
Roksi tries to pull her Dads head off!
Nici shows her who's boss and who's Dad!
24th October 2010

Only our kitten remains now - little Roksi, see how she is developing below. She has decided she likes Fish LOTS and is now copying her Dad only gravy from the cat food and no meat please. She is a nice mix of Mum and Dad as hoped so far. it will be interesting to see how she continues to develop.We hope you will agree at almost 16 weeks she is rather pretty so far and she still has her tufty ears.
17th October 2010

The last of our beautiful babies left us today, Lucky for us we get to keep one, so that helps. She will be at her first show in November, so we will keep you posted of her achievements. Hopefully the new owners will keep in touch and send us pictures, we can then add a few of their pictures to our website as they grow.
But one stayed
Let us introduce at last - Koreshka Roksana Rusina petname Roksi
2nd October 2010

Today we were at the Russian Blue Breeders Assocaition Cat Club Show, we did not expect any results as the show is nearly all Russian Blues and we knew competion would be high.

Nici has just become a Grand Champion so entered the Grand and Imperial classes, we knew he had 2 boys who were difficult to beat against him and that turned out to be the case, however he was entered in the prestigious temperament class in memory of Val Price - Sashova Russian Blues and he won it, so we are very very proud as temperament is a major feature of the Russian breed.

We did not expect Eli to get anywhere given she had only had her kittens 12 and a half weeks before. She was entered in the grand class as she had become a champion before she took her maternity leave but did not get that, She was in the open class with 5 other girls and she won and got a CC, we were really pleased, so we have high hopes for her now she is back on the show bench, she also got 2 more 1sts and 2x2nds and lots of trophies

25th September 2010

.Our girl will be called Koreshka Roksana Rusina- Roksi for short.

11th September 2010

Today was the Wyvern cat show and we went there with anticipation as Nicolai needed his final GCC to become a Grand Champion and guess what he did it. He also got 1st in the open and a 1st and 2nd in his side classes. Well done Nicolai.
What a handsome chap
But also got very bored with having the camera pointed at him and decided to eat his rosette
He had a good look around
He had a good yawn
He had a good day
29th August 2010
Oh these photo sessions are sooooooooo boring!This blue background sets my coat colour off a treat or is that cheat?

28th August 2010
Today we went to theTeesside cat show, Nicolai is chasing his three Grand Challenge certificates to become a Grand Champion. To this point he had one ( see 17th and 24th July below). He had a fabulous day getting 1st and CC in his open class, he beat the girls for Best of Breed and got a 1st in a misc class. He was then was awarded the Grand Certicate beating 3 Abbysinian cats, to top it all he was also nominated for Best of Variety.

22nd August 2010
The kitten that became Roksi
Kitten 6 temporarily called pudding! She has her dad's temperament and those tufts are fab.

14th August 2010
See all the other photos on the Eli's Kittens 2010 Page
Well all the kittens are doing really well, they are having loads of fun and learning new things by the day.
How blooming gorgeous am I going to be when I grow up - seeing as I already am?
Come on, give us a kiss!
Think I will just bat this tail thing for a bit of fun!
Me and my new toy that human mum bought me from the show today!
Sisters at play.
Mum and Dad and a couple of us for good measure.
I am posing and playing with my humans.
but it's so tiring playing and being photographed - I have fallen asleep in the middle of it all, with one leg still in the air- now how could anyone resist me? Im soooooo cute - deny it!
I am cute even when I am trying to look scary!

25th July 2010
As promised the pictures of Nicolai and his awards from the show last week.
A grand haul of rosettes and certificates
With the Grand Champion rosette
and his Grand Challange certificate
And finally - I don't know about you but I am abit bored with this photo shoot, I think I will just have a quick snooze.

19th July 2010
Today we have sad news
Koreshka Alexander Nevsky, left us today having not been well for a little while. He was a little soldier, he still had an appetite, so he shared a little bit of fillet steak and a little bit of cream bun with his dad last night.
8th October 1996 to 19th July 2010
In loving memory of Alex our first ever Koreshka cat who is now at peace. We miss him dreadfully and a piece of our lives and hearts have gone with him. He is buried with his pal Smirnoff our first ever Russian, hopefully they are chasing around together once again in cat heaven.

17th July 2010
We have been to the Gwynedd cat show today with Nicolai and he did us proud by winning his first Grand Challenge certificate in the Grand Champion
See Pics above

27th June 2010

The Handsome expectant Dad - Nicolai
Oh, we did some shots in doors too - we think this one is great, look at those emerald eyes!