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2012 litters.
Dory is the rather pretty daughter of Eli and Korei's litter born August 2012 - she is Tasi's only sister and lives with a very nice young man called Elliot. They are very special friends as you can see.
Roman is a very handsome son of Eli & Korei's from their August 2012 litter. He lives with a big family and 2 Labradors, all of whom he loves very much, he clearly loves the dogs water bowl too!
Wow - we christened this boy "Cute Face" as a baby and my doesn't he have a beautiful face now - love those Emerald eyes which he had as a very young kitten. I hear that this handsome chap (another who nearly stayed), is making his new family very happy.
Kosta the boss in Carolyn's house. He is the son of Eva and Nici born December 2012. He rules the roost according to his Mum and he looks like Lord of the manor here.
Owns 6 people and lives with I ginger feline called Theo at the Coleman household. He is the son of Eli and Korei, born August 2012 and is Tasi's brother. He nearly stayed , only leaving us in March 13 but he was so right for the family and is very much loved by them all.
He loves to sleep in the sink
As a bonus his family have decided to show him - here he is below at the Lakeland show where he got his 1st place and Premier Certificate and beat 5 other beauties for Best of breed, including an Olympian Grand premier. he got first in all his classes. We hope he will go to another show because if he could do all that at only 9 months, what could he do when he is older.
Handsome boy
Sorry anyone who is MISSING particularly the 2011 babies - this is work in progress - we lost a lot of photos when we had to transfer the website - and it takes a long time to re load them all - but we are getting there slowly - feel free to send an updated photo though - as ever it would be lovely to see how they have grown up.

Missy is Roksi's sister and was born in July 2010 she lives with her Mum Carol and they are great pals.

Sasha lives with Julie and her brother Andrei - also known as little Pete.
Sasha at her first show Oct 2011
Sasha was joined by KORESHKA ANDREI NICOLSKY from Eli's 2011 litter
Andrei or Little Pete as Julie calls him - Oct 11
Gorgeous boy who we thought about keeping, he went to one show with us and got 1st in all his classes, then Julie said she wanted him and to be honest we probably wouldn't have let him go to anyone else.
and not so little Pete as his Mum calls him April 2012
 and not forgetting the gorgeous Sash below - April 2012
 Sasha, Andrei and their friend Bella getting warm by the fire.

Lily is quite gorgeous, we liked her as a baby and could have been tempted to keep her. She looks like her sister Roksi, she entered her her first show in May 2012 and currently has 2 Premier certificates.
Here she demonstrates a very Russian trait, looks extra cute in the veg drainer though!
 Lily says - what are doing with that funny camera thing Mum?
Stunning girl in April 2012  - Lily is looking forward to going to her first show soon.
Kali and Ella went to live with Anna and Roger

Ella had excellent type as a kitten, she was a big girl so is probably quite a stunner now
Looks like Ella is another computer cat see here Oct 11
Looks like all the PC work makes you tired.
A very pretty girl with a paler coat 
In Oct 11  -comfy in her dads office chair
SISTERs curled up together