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News at - 26th August 2013

Eli had kittens on 12th August.
Their dad is UK & Imperial Grand Champion Furbell Stargazer or Starry G to his friends.
We are very excited as these kittens have a fantastic pedigree and 2 Imperial Grand Champion parents, which doesn't happen very often.
We will likely keep one or two kittens ourselves.
Anyone looking for a show cat - this could be an opportunity not to miss, although our main aim is to breed happy healthy kittens who make fantastic companions especially with the gentle temperament of a Russian Blue.
Please note - the kittens will not be sold for breeding, so will be registered on the GCCF non active register.
We do already have quite a bit of interest in the kittens - however
News - Tasiya and Nici have been mated - so we will have to wait for about 3 weeks now to see if she is expecting.
Our process  
We keep an interested list of enquirers who sound like they could provide a good home for one of our kittens. Please note that we do not sell kittens from emails or calls only, we owe it to them to secure a permanent loving home for them so,
If after speaking to you on the phone, you sound like you would make a suitable owner , you would be invited to visit, we would confirm a kitten then and you can leave a deposit.
Please note You would be expected to visit at least twice, once to meet the cats/kittens and humans and then again on another date to collect your kitten. This allows us the opportunity to see you with the cats/kittens and see that you would make a good owner for one of our precious kittens and it also gives time for new adopted parents to go away and reflect to ensure they are happy to give the commitment required to a new kitten and cat for life. If you are one of the people destined to be adopted by one of the babies, you will appreciate this is a necessary approach and one which will ensure they get the special homes they deserve.
Kittens stay with us until a minimum of 13 weeks as per GCCF guidance. During this time they are very much part of our family (and obviously reared indoors), they are well socialised, getting only top quality food and heath care. The kittens come with a 5 generation pedigree, they are GCCF registered on the non active list, are vaccinated including FELV, wormed, Thermo Microchipped (identity and temp can be read) , they leave us with 4 weeks insurance and a bumper kitten pack of their favourite goodies, so that they don't miss us too much.
Kittens 2012
Eva & Nici's babies.
If you are interested in one of our kittens please contact us using the contacts page.
2010 litter
At the back is Tamarra,
our Roksi is the one with the tufted ears, on the left, laying down, and then from her L-R Nika,Boris,Missy with Sasha in front.