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Annalova Anastasia
Petnames, Anna, Anna Spanner
19th August 1998 - 3rd February 2012
Anna was the large girl in the photo. She was 13 and a half years old when she left us on Friday. She had been very active thoughour her life until recently. She loved her food and so was affectionately called tubby lady at times. As she got older she also liked her sleep. She was Auntie Anna, to the youngsters in the
She has especially enjoyed having new kittens around over the last few years both for the kitten food and because she likes to be their surrogate mother.
Anna was very affectionate and loved to sit on your chest while you watched TV, she liked to do impressions of Elvis with her curled up lip and her holiday sitter said she looked like Black Bob the dog from Denis the Menace because she used to stand with one paw in the air when you greeted her.
We will miss her dreadfully - thae last of our old friends, only the youngsters left with us now. We are sure she will live on in them, she gave us a good day at the show 4th Feb as her send off, both Eli and Roksi getting their certificates and BOB.

19th Aug 09 - March 10
The little lady in the photo above is Katy, we bought her as another companion for Nici but unfortunately she was not meant to be and we lost her at six months. She was special, stunning little girl, such a shame she isn't still part of our lives.
RIP - Anna Spanner, our special girl.
Anna in her usual pose of tongue out looking after the youngsters with a good wash behind the ears.

 Koreshka Alexander Nevsky (named after the great prince of Russia)

Petnames - Alex, Nevsky, John Travolta and Tarzan
8th October 1996 to 19th July 2010
Alex was the first kitten we ever bred along with his sister Natasha who became a champion but we sadly lost her some 4 years ago. Unlike his sister he absolutely hated being shown and growled like a tiger in his pen. So Alex was neutered and very quickly became a household pet.
Alex gained the names of John Travolta and Tarzan for the impressions he did - he swaggered when he walked like John and made noises like tarzan - hilarious!
Unfortunately Alex had been quite poorly for the last few months of his life and sadly we lost him on 19th July 2010 - he is very sadly missed.

Troika Eva Petrova ( Eva).RIP

3.5.11 to 26.11.15

Petnames Eva, Eva P, EP, PP and Pea.




Eva P joined us in August 2011 , we sadly lost her young at 4.5 years old , she is another girl from Eli's breeder.

She was very full of beans as a youngster . She also looks quite like her Dad Igor, she loved a cuddle but was not keen on leaving the house and definitely hated cat shows, so she only went to two. She made a good Mum and we still have her daughter karina.