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Beautiful Kittens 2011
27th June 2010

Eli - cooling down in the lounge on a hot summers day towards the end of her pregnancy
Nicolai contemplating fathorhood for the first time
Eli 2nd June 2010

She is getting a plump tummy as her babies grow.
Dave and Nicolai 30th May 2010

Dave wears his favourite scarf Nicolai and Nicolai in his favourite position on his dads shoulders. Not very comfy for Dave though and I have to go to his rescue and remove the flying furry on a regular basis.
Nici May 2010
Posing at home in the conservatory on top of my posh leather chair - one on Nicolai's favourite spots.
Eliana 30th May 2010
Beautiful Eliana, showing off her slightly rounded looking tummy. Let's hope there are some gorgeous little kittens growing in there.
Nici with his wins 2009
Posing at home after one of the shows that gave him one of the three Challenge certificates needed to become a Champion - as you can see he also got Best of Breed and 3 x 1st in his side classes.
Eliana Kitten show 2009
Eli at one of her shows where she came first and got best of breed in the open class - she also has a couple of other first rosettes behind her.
Eli June 2009

Eli not long after she came to live with us - she was a pretty girl from the start we will have to look back at how she looked as a baby when picking out a kitten
Nici as a baby 2009
Nici was a mad kitten running around the house, however he was very gentle with us from day one and has a fantastic temperament today.