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Eva's Kittens 2012

To enjoy the story board from pregnancy to the present
View from Bottom to top.
4th April 2013

Up to date pictures of the remaining babies
The two of them
10th March 2013

Oli and Eva were of to their new homes today, followed by big brother Dusty.
more photos to post.
Missing you all already babies.
17th February 2012 - 10 weeks and 4 days old.

Today human Mum has been taking our pictures again. We had a good play first so that we were sleepy and could sit still to pose, well some of the time. We are all getting very gorgeous even though we are still quite naughty.
Can you tell who's who?
Time for a snooze. ppppppppppppppppuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8th February 2013 we are 9 weeks and 2 days old.

We had our first vaccinations and health check on Wednesday night, we were a little sleepy in the morning but we soon got back to normal trashing the bedroom while the humans were at work, already for play when they came home.
We had a photo shoot with Human Mum today and you can see we are getting very gorgeous.
I am medium sized girl and I am very pretty
I am the paler boy and I am pictured here with my Mum
and on my own
and I am darker smaller girl and I am a gorgeous little fiesty character, human Mum has christened me froglet for the moment because of my beautiful expressive green eyes
how could you resist them?
I am the biggst boy ,
 I am biggest girl
That's it for today
26th January 2013

We are growing fast now, eating lots and bounding around playing.
See how gorgeous we are getting
Pictures of the Boys
Pictures of the Girls
Quick pose in the sun before a snooze
That's all folks
12th/13th January 2013

Sorry chaps for the delay in posting stories and photos, been rather busy with work, going to shows and the kittens. We have taken some photos along the way and will upload to the gaps when we can but at least the following brings us up to date. More than a fortnight ago Eva's milk became less plentiful, so we had to step in and supplementary bottle feed the two smallest kittens and also introduce them to lapping kittens milk and in the last week they have been weaned. They do still enjoy to suckle from Mum but also like to shout at Human Mum when they want their meals. They have mastererd the litter tray and now enjoy playing with toys and rough and tumble on our bed, the following captures some of their antics over the last couple of days.
This pose prompted to reach for the camera, little one falls
asleep propped up against human Mum in bed legs in the air.
a pile of kittens
kitten nap
pillow talk
kitten waterfall
terrible twosome
hi everyone
what's that camera thing?
look into my eyes
human Mum has her eye on me
who could resist?
or me?
time for 40 winks, our batteries don't last long
we've had it

pictures and story for gap to follow

7th December 2012

Today we are getting nice and plump and we are all happy as is our Mum. 
Purry contentment.
Two tinis
 Close up
Sleepy baby.
6th December 2012

Today we are nice and clean and dry and already gaining wait , look how sweet we are, and look at out cute tabby markings, which will fade as we grow.
Contented Mum with her babes.
Tini Tiny paw.
Mum, holds on to her little one, see the size against her leg and paw.
Compare back feet size here of Mum and babe - so cute?
5th December 2012 - We have arrived!

Eva has been very clingy today, coming to see where I am as I work next door. Right on cue Eva decides the time is now, when she let of a yell, I ran to her and she was already delivering kitten one. and withing 10 minutes we were already getting ready for number two. over the next few hours she safely delivered 6 babies, 4 girls and 2 boys, one small one but all a reasonable size.
Babies just born, Eva has a rest before the last one arrives.
Close up of the biggest
4th December 2012

Don't think it will be too long now, Eva is safely tucked up in our room, spending the last two nights with Eli for some comfort. Both girls have been really good, enjoying the star treatment.
28th November 2012

Eli 9 weeks pregnant, very very big and very ready to have her kittens. This will be her first litter and the kittens were sired by Nici. We are always abit anxious when one of the girls has her first litter, so we wait with baited breath for the moment she decides to have her babies. She is not due until 5th/6th December.