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Eli's Kittens 2013

To enjoy the story board from pregnancy to now View from Bottom to top.
25th August 2013

We are growing fast, we are getting stronger, our eyes have opened and can hold our weight up a bit more. Our ears are still moving to the top of our heads so we cannot hear very well yet. We are still spending most of our time eating and sleeping after all weighing in at 176g to 260g we have a lot of growing to do.
This boy may be staying
Sundays are for snoozing.
How pretty am I ? Our heads are still heavy for us to hold the weight, so we wobble a bit.
Oh Mum, That tickles! Look at those tini, tiny paws, we cannot retract our claws yet.
Human Mum, has her eye on me.
I am also very pretty. We cannot walk yet but we are getting there learning to put our feet down rather than swimming.
 That's all for now folks! Bye Bye, more pics at the end of the week.
18th August 2013

A few close ups on a sunny Sunday afternoon at almost a week old. We still can't see but our eyes should open in the next week though. Our hearing is not good and as our ears are still migrating to the top of our heads. We cannot hold our own weight yet, so our heads touch the bed, we cannot walk yet , we tend to crawl along but we are getting stronger by the day. Just lots of sleeping and drinking milk at the moment.
We cannot retract our claws at this age.
Mum decides it's time we went back to bed
Photo shoot over - folks !
More next week.
15th August 2013

With Mum we are getting nice and plump
as demonstrated by this girl below - look at the pink tummy!
Above was quite close up, we are still tiny - see Mums back paw against a little head
Our first close ups
Shows you how tiny we are - look below at the size of my nose against
human mums ring (believe me the diamond isn't big).
13th August PM
Eli always decides to move her babies after a few days of having them but this time she moved them within 24 hours and they were moved to the middle of our bed, so we teetered on the edges - another night without sleep -
zzzzzzzzzzzzs = No !
Thanks Lady Ellington
Must admit pretty cute though?
13th August 2013

Mum gives us a wash
Time for food at the milk bar
12th August 2013

We arrived during the evening starting at 9.30pm into the early hours. We are all worn out so will take some pictures tomorrow.
11th August 2013

Eli gets ready to have her kittens
3rd August 2013

Only just over a week to go now until Eli and Starry G's babies are due. Eli has not welcomed the second heat wave but has been keeping cool sleeping on the window sill in our room with the fan on and curtains closed.
Anyway she is looking well as you can see below
and her tummy is looking big, note the two pouches behind her ribs
Think there is a few in there
she likes to lie down as her tummy is nice and big now

Yay - we are excited to announce that Eli is expecting kittens by the very gorgeous -
UK & Imperial Grand Champion Furbell Stargazer. Starry G is a very sweet, gentle boy, a trait we hope he passes to these kittens along with his devilish good looks and dreamy emerald eyes. We are rather excited as both Starry and Eli are very good examples of their breed and are both Imperial Grand Champions which is something you do not often get in a pedigree - so we have high hopes for these babies and may well keep one or two ourselves, if there is a special baby to join our family.
Many thanks to our good friend Ann Bond, for letting Eli have a rendezvous with her boy.
UK & Imperial Grand Champion Furbell Stargazer - handsome boy.
Eli - showing off her big tummy at 6 weeks pregnant.