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Eli's Kittens 2012

To enjoy the story board from pregnancy to now View from Bottom to top.
10th March 2013

After much deliberation and soul searching Koreshka Aleksandr Dushkin  - aka Dusty went to his new home today, following a great win at the Lancs show yesterday. Dusty has gone to a lovely family and will be spoiled by his 6 humans. He will hopefully still be seen in the show world as his new owners are keen to give showing a go. Missing you Dusters! Photo to follow.
8th December 2012

Roman aka Cute face left us for his new home with another lovely family all very excited to have him join the family.
1st December Pm - Photo shootcollage

1st December 2012

Little Dory left us today, we are sad to see her go but she has gone to a really nice family. She is going to be great pals with Elliot and also very much loved by Mum and Dad.
25th November 2012

All the babies at 12.75 weeks
(ok we cheated, how else would we get all 4 together, without one holding them while the other took the picture - at least we didn't photoshop it) !
                       Cute face
17th November 2012

We had a visit from a lovely family today who will be giving a nice home to one of us lovely girls, She is going to be best friends with a nice young man called Elliott. We now have names unlike the boys whom human Mum and Dad are still deliberating over.
We had our picture taken after our visit before and after we fell asleep after all the play and excitement.
Koreshka Doretya Anielka - aka Dory.
Chosen by Elliott from the blue fish in Nemo.
Fabulous whisker pads
Ready to pounce.
Sweet face
and the Dreamy miss - Koreshka Tasia Koreleva (staying).
wow what a fab russian baby
The very handsome Dumpling - not so much a dumpling these days but real name pending.
Look at my tufty ears.
I like my new scratch post thing.
I like to pose too.
How lovely I look against soft green.
The delectable Cute face - real name pending
How innocent do I look, sitting on the uncovered arm of the sofa?
I prepare to pounce on the feathery stick thing
I stop to pose, look into my green eyes
I get my pom pom thing and show off my sexy whisker pads
We are starting to feel sleepy
10th November 2012

The kittens now have a Grand Champion dad, Korei got his new title today at the Cheshire and Area show.
2nd November 2012 (9 weeks and 3 days old).

Well we have come on leaps and bounds in the last 3 weeks and that is just what we like to do, have a good old run around, a good play and play fight with each other. We have a great appetite and are eating human Mum and Dad out of house and home. We only eat the best you see and are on about 5-6 meals a day so thats 2-3 pouches per meal between us. We also like a few biscuits mixed in with that but not on their own - very important.
We went to meet Mr Veterinary man for the first time on Tuesday as we were 9 weeks old so it was time for our vaccinations. He gave us a thorough health check including sticking one of those cold thermometer things were the sun don't shine - we didn't like that much - infact we complained alot about that but didn't make a noise when we had the injection. We go back in 3 weeks when a nice nurse will give us another injection and our posh microchips. With them Mr Veterinary man will be able to take our temperature and we will never need one of those cold thermometer things putting anywhere ever again - we hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our Auntie Eva is expecting some kittens but we may not get to see them unless any of us stay here.
Anyway here is a few piccies so you can see how gorgeous we are.
Smaller Girl aka cheeky face
Boy aka Cute Face
Bigger Girl aka my girl
Boy aka Dumpling
That's all for this week folks!
We have some pictures between 8th Oct to 2nd Nov to put on when we get a minute.
8th October 2012 we are 6 weeks tomorrow
and have now learn't to lap milk, eat baby kitten food and more or less conquered keeping things that should be in the litter tray in there, we are fast learners. Our Mum is making Human Mum and Dad laugh as she keeps bringing us things into our kitten pen, like, stick toys, furry keyrings and she keeps bringing them downstairs to human Mum too - think she is abit confused, must be her Mummy hormones and instinct.
3rd October 2012
We are almost 5 weeks old and now getting the hang of playing
and getting
more angelic - baby girl
and getting prettier - bigger girl
 and more handsome - bigger boy
and cuter smaller boy
1st September 2012

We are getting stronger now so we can walk a few steps before falling over, we have also started to play fight, it's great biting each other at the moment as we still don't have teeth (although they are starting to show under our gums). We also have learnt to wash abit more but we still spend most of our time eating and sleeping. Human Mum and Dad are going to get our run, litter tray and other things ready as it won't be long before we try eating and that means also learning to use the tray. Messy times ahead!
A few pictures of us
Cute girl looks like her Grandmother Ysabella. 
How sweet is she?
This girl looks more like her Mum Eli but with her dads nose.
Cute boy - is already human mum's little friend.
Big boy is a sweet boy too.
Look my paw is already as big as a 10p coin
16th September 2012

Apologies, time has flown since our last entry, Human Mum and Dad had a holiday and spent lots of time with us as the weather outside was horrible.
A couple of pictures of us in our kitten box. We are just starting to think about playing ang washing but we still are very wobbly on our feet. We are still feeding from our Mum but human Mum is thinking we might like to try food sooner rather than later as we are quite big for our age and we are not sure how long Mums milk will last at the rate we are growing.
One of my first washes after my milk.
I am too sleepy to wash.
2nd September 2012

We are 5 days old and very cute already, our humans a looking at us with great interest also, to see if one us might get to stay. Our eyes won't open until we are at least a week old and our ears will gradually move from the sides of our heads up onto the top as we get older. We should start to learn to walk in a few weeks, right now we crawl to our Mum for milk.
Little hands and feet and tiny tails.
Girl born 1st
Girl born last
Boy born third.
Boy born 4th
Mum decides the photo shoot is over.
And off we go back to the kittening box
That's all for today folks!
28th August 2012

We have arrived, giving Mum a hard job as some of us were quite big. So now we are all resting and eating. Our Mum is being pampered, even more than normal.
24th August 2012

Eli is now almost 9 weeks pregnant and we are getting ready for the arrival of tiny paws. In the picture below, Eli thinks about seeing if she can still bend in the middle. She has been waddling around abit this week as she is quite big, so we have been wondering just how many babies are in that big round tummy of hers. 
18th August 2012

Eli is now 8 weeks pregnant and has only just over a week to go, although as she is quite big, I wouldn't be surprised if they came a little earlier. That said she has always delivered exactly on her due date before but we will found out from next weekend.
She is moving around less now as her tummy gets bigger, she likes to lie on the cool wooden floor in the lounge, and lie on the window cills.
Eli says put the camera down Mum as she waits for her head and back massage.
11th August 2012

Eli's pregnancy reaches 7 weeks , so she is getting quite big and has enjoyed laying on the wooden floor of the lounge to cool down, she has also been sleeping on the window cill, despite all the nice beds she has available, including ours.
We think she is having a good sized litter and maybe an odd numbers see below
Eli thinks - Can't quite stretch as far as I used to be able to.
View from the top
and the biggest side
Only 2 weeks and 2 days to go - hopefully a bank holiday treat for us. Keep you fingers crossed that all is well and we see happy, healthy little babies then. Dave is also hoping to be here for the event as he has missed the last 2, in her last birth in 2011, Eli chose to give birth as he returned to work on the Tuesday following the May bank holiday.
2nd August 2012

Eli belly watch is under way - in this picture Eli enjoys the evening sun, she will be 6 weeks pregnant at the weekend and certainly seems to be having a reasonable sized litter.
30th July 2012

Eli at 5 weeks pregnant,  quite a beauty as you can see. This is Eli's first litter sired by Korei, the litters from 2010 and 2011 - Nici was the dad. So we are really interested to see the difference in the kittens. Eli enjoys being a Mum and is very purry and cuddly right now, she does usually get fed up once the kittens are about 6 to 7 weeks of age when nature tells her they should start to fend for theirselves more - so we will see if this year is any different
Apologies everyone - in moving website provider we lost the pictures below on the site, we will try and reload but as you can appreciate this will take a long long time - so for now you can read the story of Eli's 2010 and 2011 pregnancies. 
Eli's litter 2011 -
Last to leave 2011

29th August 2011

Last all together photo shoot yesterday, as kittens start to leave this week.
The handsome Andrei Nicolsky

Andrei will be staying a little while longer and will be going to a show soon.He is a happy purr machine and naughty cheeky boy.
The very beautiful Polina Pavlova - pet name Ella.
Another beauty Kalisa or Kali
Kali will be going to live with her sister Ella.So we get to enjoy her longer too.
Pretty little Liliana - Lily
Lily will leave us on Tuesday.She is going to be a great companion for her new owner.
The most gorgeous baby Button in the world - Lakisha petname Kisha.
Kisha left us today and she will me very much missed as she is a cheeky, beautiful little girl with a fabulous personality. She also has the most wonderful plushy, soft, silky, silvery coat - devine to touch.
Last but by no means least
Kandilinska - petname Kandi
Kandi also left us today as she has gone to live with her sister Kisha. She too is a fantastic character and will make a really good companion.
Two sleepy babies on a Sunday afternoon.
18th August 2011 ( 11 weeks and 3 days old).

Hi the pictures are a little late again but here you go.
The kittens are really growing now - getting bigger and getting lovely shiny coats and all getting more pretty/handsome for the boy by the day. Only 2 more weeks leftt for some - so we can introduce you to some who now have names.
Koreshka Lakisha or Kisha you might remember her as Button?
Next is Koreshka Kandilinska or Kandi.
Then the boy is called Koreshka Andrei Nicolsky or Andrei or little man.
And then the other girls have names but we need to decide who is who, the names are Koreshka Liliana, Koreshka Kalisa and Koreshka Polina Pavlova.
7th August 2011 ( 9 weeks and 5 days old).

Again apologies for late photos but we have been very busy not only playing with the kittens but we also went to a show on Saturday. Unfortunately Nici didn't get his Imperial certificate but we also took Roksi with us as she went off to stud after visiting the vets for a health check . On the way home we picked up our new kitten Eva, so although it was a long day it saved us another trip on another day. We will still have to go and collect Roksi though and we can't wait for her to come home.
The kittens had their first trip to the vets last week and they all had a thorough health check and their first vaccinations. They were as good as gold and didn't even flinch when the needle went in, it was very tricky with 6, next visit we will remember to take 2 baskets!
Anyway here they are looking rather good in their 10th week.
t July 2011 (7 weeks and 5 days old).
A rare shot of all 6, caught as they tire themselves out!
Mum and babe.
26th July 2011

Apologies for no pictures for a while, we have been to busy playing with kittens but we hope these will make up for it. The kittens are growing fast now and playing hard, so need plenty of food for fuel.
Here is the boy kitten - see how handsome he has become.
and a close up of him.
Now the girls
Little Button, well not so little as she is catching her sisters up
She is a very pretty little girl - see her close up - oh and a real character too.
This is one of my girls who might stay for showing/breeding.
and a close up
And another pretty possible
and a close up of her coat for my breeder friends
Next is a a very pretty girl who might go and live with Button somewhere
She is going to look like her Mum, well she already does.
and finally a dark horse who is also a potential for us
and a close up
So you can see quite a pretty and handsome bunch and they are not even 8 weeks old yet!!!!!!!!!!
11th July 2011 (5 weeks and 6 days old).

Just a quick photo shoot with the ordinary camera this week, will try and take some more later
A group shot
Pretty ladies
The boy - fabulous ears looks like a fox?
Button - she is great and is going to make a lovely pet.
One of the pretty ladies from a different angle.
Promise to take some better shots soon.
2nd July 2011 (4 weeks and 4 days old).

We are growing fast now and learning something new every day. This week we have discovered the litter tray, some of us have mastered the art of using it for a no 1, not quite managed the other in their yet but close by. Some still think it's to play in too. We have been having some formula milk, water and some of us have had a nibble at some food too, oh and we have stood in it, walked in it., flicked it everywhere. We have also got flicked with milk as our Mum finishes of our tea - known in the Koreshka household as messy week.
We have also learn't to climb up the sides of the pen but not quite figured out how to get down - we are getting faster. Human mummy is going to give us some toys later. Not that we need them as we are having fun chasing each other and biteing each others ears but we still wobble and fall over.
Let us introduce ourselves
Boy Kitten, he's going to be a handsome chap
Baby girl our human Mum has called her Button for now, she has lovely sweet features and a button nose.
This is one of 2 girls the only way to tell her and a sister apart was that one had a narrower tale
Our human Mum is likeing this girl and her ear tufts.
And also this girl and her ear tufts
And this one and her ear tufts, she has a look of a young Champion from last years litter.
We are all quite gorgeous again like last years kittens, how could you resist us?
I Love my sister so I decided to give her an ear wash! Must be love!
But we are still very much babies, and our batteries don't last very long.ut we
That's all for this week folks.
24/25th June 2011 ( 3 weeks and 3/4 days old).

The kittens are really getting mobile now, no doubt they will soon be making the great escape from the cat bed.
See how cute we look, I have tufts like on my ears like Roksi!
I say high five.
Look into my deep blue eyes - they will tun green though.
Guess what Mummy and our sister are doing?
Yes that right, they are thinking so which one do I round up first?
Roksi looks on dumbfounded by the pesky kittens!Thinking they should be in this bed not me.i
How sweet we all look, just about managed to get a picture of all 6 of us.
Roksi desides to stun a kitten to see if she can control them that way.
That's all for this week folks.
21st June 2011 ( 3 weeks and 1 day old).

Well we are really coming on fast now, we are all standing but we are
very very unsteady on our little feet and we topple over even if we jsut lift a paw to have a look or Mum give's us a lick. Some of us have started to try to wash a paw or to play, we have been chewing each others ears or ankles, we are going to be having fun in the next few days.
And we're off!
See our lovely markings, all Russians have a tabby gene which makes the markings show when we are kittens. As we get older these fade and the only markings which are left on adults are sometimes a few faint rings on the end of the tail. These will generally continue to fade with age.
Mum watches on as a couple of us have had our fill and fancy a little explore.
Our Mum is brighter than us and blocks the exit.
One of us is frightened of missing something.
But it doesn't last long all that milk in the tummy makes for very sleepy kittens - Goodnight! Purr purr, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
16th June 2011 (2 weeks and 2 days old).

The kittens are growing before our eyes, they are now holding their heads up a little but are still very wobbly and move by doing a swimming movement, it will be a little while yet until they can walk.
We have a new bigger bed as it was becoming a tight squeeze in the one we were in last week, as you can see we have grown lot bigger.
Hi everyone here we are - we can all see you now.
I am a little cutie - human mummy will be keeping an eye on me to see how I develop.II
Human mum reckons I have the look of a certain little lady from the litter last year - so we will watch with interest over the next few weeks along with my siblings to see who might stay!
Mind you who wouldn't be gorgeous with a beautiful Mum like ours?
11th June 2011( 1 week and 4 days old).

The kittens are growing well, putting on a good amount of weight every day and their eyes are all open except one girls who has hers half open and the boy is slower than the girls and his are not open at all.
A collection of kitties.
Snoozy faces
Cutey - nice nose shape
Sweet expression on this tiny
5th June 2011( 5 days old).

The babies and Mum are more settled now, Eli has stopped moving them around, she is now in her kitten pen in our room and even though it just has mesh sides ans she is free to jump in and out when she likes - she is happy in there.
Look at the whisker pads already on this tiny girl.
Mummy and kitten all sleepy - it's hard work feeding and being fed.g and
3rd June 2011( 3 days old).

The babies are growing and putting on weight, Eli still can't decide where she want's to be with them so she has adopted our bed - not much sleep for the humans then!!!! Especially as she keeps depositing 1 or 2 in the bed, so we have disposed of the duvet - good job there is a heat wave and she is now in a bed at the end of our bed but still on top, as she likes us close by - Bless her paws.
Eli in residence on our bed - looks comfy doesn't she?
A couple of kittens tuck in at the milk bar.
Look at this tini tiny back paw - aawwwwwwwww!
What a little cutee?
31st May 2011 - Birthday
Latest photos - taken with the good camera.( see lower down page for NEWS of arrival)
We are just getting used to finding where our lunch comes from!
Look how big Mum's foot is compared to mine.
I am rather tired after my journey into the world.
A contented Eli.
A little one amongst the jumble of bodies and Mum's leg.
Full of milk and zonked!
How cute is that tini tiny nose?
Kittens have arrived!
This morning right on her due date Eli has given birth to 6 kittens, an early check suggests there are 5 girls and 1 boy, all a nice weight too. Mum and kitts are having a well earned rest. Unfortunately Dave did miss it again as Eli stuck to her due date and he had to go to work. She had her first kitten at the sociable time of 9.37am this morning.
Eli contemplates motherhood
First shot of Eli and her babies - all worn out! Eli and babes only 1 - 2 hours old.
30th May 2011

What no kittens?
Still we wait Eli is quite happy being stroked and fussed over(even more, if that's possible), so unless she changes her mind Dave may miss the event again as it is back to work tomorrow! I on the other hand will be around to carry out my mid wifery duties as usual.
Eli, showing her rather rounded waistline.
Eli - looking at me as if to say why all the pictures? I know I am gorgeous!

23rd May 2011

Eli's pregnancy has entered the final full week, she is due to have her kittens Monday or Tuesday next week but could have them a few days earier or later.
She is looking very lovely and rounded too - see for yourself!
Pretty lady?
15th May 2011

Eli is doing really well and putting on lots of weight, she is getting a very rounded tummy and still 2 weeks to go.
Do you think anyone would mind if I have a sleep in this new camera bag?
1st May 2011

Yes it appears Eli is pregnant she will be 5 weeks today/tomorrow.
Here Eli shows of her already rounded tummy
and her very pretty face
She is however costing us a fortune in food as we cannot satisfy her hunger, and she needs the best money can buy. Will be taking out the second mortgage very soon.
We also had a nice day in the sun and took some photos outside
Nici - the expectant Dad
Eli - look at those emerald eyes
Roksi - Eli and Nici's daughter from last years litter.
22nd April 2011

Looks like we will have to start the story board going soon for Eli's 2011 pregnancy - we are at the, is she isn't she stage but she is definitely showing the signs. Little things breeders look for plus an increased appetite, being clingy and looking slightly rounded in the timmy. We will post a photo once we are sure.
30th March 2011

Nicolai and Eli have had a little rendevous, so we hope for kittens in 9 weeks time, but you cannot actually tell until at least 3 weeks time whether
Eli's Kittens 2010
17th October 2010

The last of our beautiful babies left us today, so we thought it would be nice to introduce each kitten by name with their picture. We were very lucky to have such a lovely littler of kittens, all gorgeous and such fantastic characters - we will miss them very much. Lucky for us we get to keep one, so that helps. She will be at her first show in November, so we will keep you posted of her achievements. Hopefully the new owners will keep in touch and send us pictures, we can then add a few of their pictures to our website as they grow.
First to leave us was
Koreshka Lukasha petname Boris on 9th October
Next to leave was
Koreshka Misja petname Missy 10th October
and on the same day also
Koreshka Sasha-Kittiana or petname Sasha 10th October
The other 2 little girls stayed an extra week as their new family were on holiday,
Koreshka Nika petname also Nika left us 17th October
Koreshka Tamarra petname also Tamarra left us with Nika 17th October
But one stayed
Let us introduce at last - Koreshka Roksana Rusina petname Roksi
A very pretty girl , we hope you will agree - she will be at her 1st show in November, so we are excited to see how she gets on.
Pretty girl photo shoot yesterday.
That's all for now folks!
10th October 2010

Today we have had two more beautiful babies leave us, first was
Missy aka Koreshka Misja
and then
Koreshka Sasha-Kittiana petname Sasha
We are sad to see them go but happy they have gone to some really nice people and we hope to receive updates on their progress soon.
9th October 2010

Today the fabulous Boris aka Koreshka Lukasha left us, our first baby to leave us, so we are a little sad but happy he has gone to a lovely home. He now lives with a little boy who's previous Russian girl passed away, so we think the boys will become firm friends.
A last moment together for Dad and son.

25th September 2010

Hi all, we have tried our best with the photos today but the kittens are far too lively to make it an easy job these days. They are now 11 and a half weeks, so we only have a couple more weeks to share our lives with them, except for the girl who gets to stay.
We think this lady might stay or it could be the third from last, then apart from those named below the three remaining girls will be Nika, Tamarra or Misja. Our girl will be called Koreshka Roksana Rusina- Roksi for short.
Introducing : Koreshka Sasha-Kittiana - Sasha for short
Introducing also : Koreshka Lukasha - aka Boris
Or will this girl stay with us?
These ladies will make fantastic companions - such characters but all a handfull!
19th September 2010

Hi everyone - just a few photos today as we have had a quiet weekend and the kittens just wanted to sleep this afternoon. See how many cats can fit on one lap!!!!
6 kittens and Aunty Anna
At this stage 5 of us as sis was getting a wash elsewhere from Aunty Anna -look at my leg dangling down says Boris!
We woke up again for a moment as human mummy attracted our attention - well some of us did!
But then we all fell back to slumber on our lap again - just a shame there isn't more room.

12th September 2010

Hi Folks - the kittens are 9 and a half weeks old and boy are they having fun, they have so many toys, they don't know what to play with first. They went for their first vaccinations this week and were very very good, only one gave the vet a reminder that they have teeth, despite a lengthy vet health check including a thermometer going were it shouldn't really, prior to the dreaded needle. All is well in kitten world.
Will it no 6 or no 5 or no 4 for us?
No 6
No 5
no 4

no 2

no 1


Boy kitten - Koreshka Lukasha or Boris!


Boris and his sis


Inside the box no 6 and 5


5th September 2010

This weeks photos are not brilliant as by the time we could take some photos on Sunday the light was poor and we don't like to use flash. I think you can see how the kittens have grown again. They go for their first vaccinations this week, so we will see how they get on at the vets. There is also a picture each of Mum and Dad so you can have a look and see if there is any resemblance? Both have got fantastic whisker pads - so that is something they should inherit hopefully and some already seem to be showing that to be so.
Best of luck guessing how they will turn out as older cats, we have given up looking for a while as it is driving us mad?
Nici's mini me
Eli's mini me
Mum - Eliana
Dad - Nicolai
30th August 2010

Double treat week everyone - more kitten pics - tried to get their beautiful faces for you to see.
Can you tell who's who in the girls?
29th August 2010

The kittens are 7 and a half weeks old. They are getting quite boistorous e.g. we have had to block off the bottom of the gas fire as they were climbing to investigate, they are running around like mad things exploring all the new toys - kitten play tunnel, pyramid, senses track, scratch post tree, not to mention the furry mice, feather toys and ping ping balls - one of them is a very good dribbler. Today we will get out the super long cardboard box we have saved, in which Dave has cut out holes for them to climb in and out of and bat their siblings through.
Oh these photo sessions are sooooooooo boring!
I look much prettier in this shot!
I am the little boy and I am just waiting for my pet name, I am going to live with a little boy who's elderly Russian has passed away - I am a surprise so I am going to make a little boy happy again, as he misses his pal dreadfully - think we will be soul mates.
This blue background sets my coat colour off a treat or is that cheat?
What a poser, baby sis is turning out to be a stunner?
As is big sis? It's making human Mum and Dads choice of who will stay impossible!
My mission is to stun this toy feather thing!
I might have a play with the toy feather thing myself.
That's it now time for a sleep - batteries are going!

22nd August 2010
The kittens have had lots for visits from some really nice people who are going to give them the special homes we had hoped for. I think it is safe to say, all the visitors fell in love just as we have. They are now 6 and a half weeks and have really grown in the last few days. We have tried to capture each beautiful face for you to see.
No 4 kitten - has a real look of her Mum, is the biggest and has a paler coat.
No 2 kitten - she has a traditional coat colour and is proving to be a dark horse
Kitten 6 temporarily called pudding! She has her dad's temperament and those tufts are fab.
No 1 kitten - she is similar to pudding but has a paler coat.
Our baby girl no 5 kitten - isn't she pretty - another dark horse to keep an eye on over the next few weeks.
Watch this apace to see how they develop in the next few weeks.

14th August 2010
Well all the kittens are doing really well, they are having loads of fun and learning new things by the day.
Try getting us all in the picture and try and try and try and try!
How blooming gorgeous am I going to be when I grow up - seeing as I already am?
Come on, give us a kiss!
Think I will just bat this tail thing for a bit of fun!
Me and my new toy that human mum bought me from the show today!
Sisters at play.
Mum and Dad and a couple of us for good measure.
I am posing and playing with my humans.
but it's so tiring playing and being photographed - I have fallen asleep in the middle of it all, with one leg still in the air- now how could anyone resist me? Im soooooo cute - deny it!
I am cute even when I am trying to look scary!

8th August 2010
I will make the same statement as last week - what a difference a week makes.
This week we have learned lots, how to lap milk from a bowl, eat food, use the litter tray, run, play with toys, bite our siblings ears and fluff up when our human mummy points the camera at us - we are having a great fun.
Getting quite big now and you can hardly see our mum at feeding time!
How sweet am I?
And me?
I decided I was going to make myself big and scare off the big camera thing!
I decided to be brave and investigate the strange camera thing!
I got the close up!
I just looked cute!
1st August 2010
What a difference a week makes
From still quite immobile kittens to -
The Great Escape
Well hardly great but one or two are getting brave- much to their Mums disgust!
How sweet, Mum and Babe cuddled up together

24th July 2010
Sorry to those people on our kitten reserve list and also our friends who have been awaiting new pictures of the kittens but we have not had a good week with the loss of our dear Alex.
So hopefully these pictures will make up for the wait!
Will you all be quiet, some of us are trying to sleep around here!
Everyone pile in
What a beauty their Mum is - do you agree?
Look at those emerald eyes.
Look I know I am cute but enough of the photos already!
Hi Five?
Our Mum is young and playful, so we will all have fun with her in a week or so.
We are already starting to investigate our paws and give each other a playful bat but we are a bit unsteady on our feet and we topple over quite easily - the photos in a few days will show us standing up for the first time.
See our first attempts here - just holding our weight on our front legs and wobbling at the back!

11 -12th July 2010- kittens 4- 5 days old.
By popular demand by people on our reserve list and also our friends here are some photos of the babies - who are doing really well and putting on a good amount of weight.
Eli has already chosen to move her babies and is now situated under the end of our bed with pillow cases and sheets as curtains to seclude them - she obviously needed a cooler bed in the hot weather and now has a cool cotton bed to nurse her young ones on.
See how content Mum Eli is with her kittens
Look how cute! Adult Eli's paw next to little kittens paw!
Everyone at the Milk bar, 5 girls and 2 boys and a happy Eli.
12th July - What a difference a day makes - they are getting plumper by the second.

8th July 2010
How cute am I at 1 day old?

7th July 2010

The kittens have arrived - all seem happy and rested. Less than a couple of hours to have 7, yes you read it correct - 7 kittens. Seems to be an equal share in slightly in favour of the girls but it is rather early to be exact.


The gorgeous Eli, before just before she decided it was time to complete her journey to motherhood.

Aren't we the sweetest things you ever did see?

And our Mum is blissfully happy too!

27th June 2010

The pregnancy enters it's final week.
So to relax on a very hot day we have had a photo shoot in the garden
The Handsome expectant Dad - Nicolai
The absolutely blooming Mum to be - Eliana

20th June 2010


We had a bit of a photo shoot to show you beautiful Eliana as she blossoms with her pregnancy. Some shots show her mummy tummy is ever increasing - hope you agree she is a yummy mummy.

18th June 2010

Tummy watch approaches the start of it's 8th week.

Eli's tummy continues to enlarge as does her appetite. She and Anna appear to be having a competition to see who has the largest. She hasn't slowed down yet all though she does have to have a rest after running about - must be the weight of her kittens.
Synchronised sleeping!

11th June 2010
Eli is very rounded now and has started to waddle as she walks, she is eating lots. The kittens have certainly grown well this week She hasn't yet stopped tearing around when she feels like it but she should slow down in a week or so, as she only has about 3 weeks to go from this weekend.
Uncle Alex is a bit poorly today and has been to the vet - we are hoping he picks up soon. Maybe he can share some of Eli's fish!!!!! well they all do!

5th June 2010
Eli still continues to cause havoc in the house - no signs of slowing down. She is not very big yet so she is still up to her mischievous ways - wouldn't have her any other way! Nicolai can't understand why Eli is not interested in him at the moment and why she gave him a whollop on the nose last night for being abit friendly. The others are just going about their business as usual. We still continue to watch the tummy and will post another photo asap.

3rd June 2010
Yep think I can safely say she is pregnant now - signs are much clearer today as the babies put on a spurt of growth in their 5th week. Eli has a massive appetite, she is on about 5-6 meals a day, I am leaving an automatic food feeder while I am out to feed 2 meals. Ok she is not eating it all and gets some help from Anna but to hear her, you would think I never feed her - bless her.
She is getting only the best to keep her happy and healthy - as she is our special lady.

2nd June 2010
Tummy watch moves into it's 5th week!
Isn't she looking gorgeous and a little bit chubby? Haughty Russian look or what?
Fabulous ear set too - sure hope she passes that on to any kittens - she may be having!

30th May 2010
Tummy watch - continues
Yes we think she is pregnant - either that or she is storing some food in strange little pouches in her abdomen. She will no doubt get more rounded more quickly fromnow on! Then we might actually believe it is true.

29th May 2010
Kittens ? You've heard of spring watch we now have Tummy Watch !Is she or isn't she?
Nicolai and Eli mated for the first time about 4 weeks ago and she is starting to look a little rounded in the tummy and she is eating for England but then that is nothing new! She is showing other signs that those familiar with breeding will know but another few days should help us confirm it. If she is pregnant she will now start to put on her weight more rapidly. The gestation period for a cat is only 9 weeks - amazing but true.