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Koreshka Russian Blues

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Breed Description
The Russian Blue is short haired cat which comes under the foreign variety heading. It has a long and graceful body of medium strong bone. It's legs are long with small oval paws and the tail is fairly long and tapering. The Russian has a short wedge-shaped head with large ears set vertically to the head. They also have prominent whisker pads and vivid emerald green almond shaped eyes. The coat is quite unique to the breed and it is short, dense and plush but fine and up standing,(stands away from the body), however the texture is described as like that of seal soft and silky with a silvery sheen. A good Russian Blue should have an elegant appearance with an aristocratic expression.
If you are interested in showing your Russian Blue cat please see the standard of points for the breed on the RBBA website.
Most important traits especially in a pet

The Russian Blue is an intelligent cat which is renowned for having a gentle loyal nature. Our cats chat away to us - don't believe us? Well you will if you have one of your own. They are on the whole quietly spoken but a queen in season can make quite abit of noise. The Russian Blue is very affectionate, the level of which will vary. They are not demanding although they do love to be around their humans - so don't be surprised if you are accompanied on your journeys around the house. Due to their gentle nature the breed has become particularly popular with elderly people, however, they are also very good with children. On the whole they willl tolerate the clumsy handling of a child but equally may disappear until the visiting child has left the building. Russians tend to wriggle, rather than claw, their way out of a tight grip. It is rare for a Russian Blue to bite or scratch. If it did this would be an undesirable trait in such a gentle breed.

The Russian Blue tends to be a home loving cat and suits being an indoor cat, provided they receive plenty of adventure and play with their owner. If the cat would be left alone for much of the day, it would be better to have two for company. We do not sell kittens to be anything other than house cats so you would need to be aware doors and windows cannot be left open and you will need to use window screens or have them on a ventilation setting, if you want to have them open. It would also be more difficult if you have young children or frequent visitors to your home.Our family are well trained about doors being shut as they come in and leave a room.

It is thought that the first Russian Blues seen in this country, were brought here by sailors in 1860 from the port of Archangel in Russia. They were then known as Archangel cats. We can trace our cats back to the first registered Russian Blues in this country.
Kittens like to play and need plenty of exercise and stimulation. We do not sell kittens that will be allowed to go outdoors - so it is important to know a kitten is very intelligent and will form a greater bond with you if he/she receives lots of play and new toys on a regular basis.
See this kittens mimicking of a bat!