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Our Stud boys -

Imperial Grand Champion Kashyk Czar Dombrovski (Nicolai)

Pet names Nicolai, Nici, Nici Nacs, Nic Nacs and Nici Noo. 
Nicolai is our 8 year old stud boy. He is a real character, with an enchanting expression, he has the most important trait of the breed a fantastic temperament. At the 2010 Russian Blue Breeders Association cat show, he was awarded the prestigious Sashova temperament class shield, this is in memory of the breeder Val Price who recognised this important trait of the breed.

Nicolai is very soppy and laid back and loves his humans endlessly. He likes to fly through the air and land on his Dads shoulder, where he will settle down quite comfortably and would stay there all day if you let him.

Nicolai did well on the show bench - as a kitten he achieved Best of Foreign Variety Kitten and Best in show foreign exhibit.
As an adult he has attained the level of Imperial Grand Champion and we think he is the second male Imperial Russian.
He he has been awarded a reserve Imperial and 5 Imperial certificates. So far he has a total of 5 IMP GCC, 1 reserve IMP GCC, 3 GCCs, 2 reserve GCCs, 8 CCs, 1 BOV. Nici also has an Olympian certificate.
He is having a well earned break from the show bench but may pop back once or twice in the future.
Nici certainly has an eye for the ladies He and his lady friend Eli have had 2 litters , He and Eva have had 1 litter and he and Tasiya had a litter from which we kept Rudi, meet him below.

Eli and Nici's daughter Roksana stayed with us, you can meet her on the About our Queens page.
It appears he has passed his fabulous qualities on to all his kittens, not only is he handsome but more importantly he has the most endearing personality and of course temperament.

Imperial Grand Champion Dushenka Czar Koreshki - (Korei)

Petnames, Korei, Korei boy, Sausage, Big boy. 
We did not plan to have another stud boy but our friend Elisabeth wanted this boy to have a  home with someone she would trust. Giving it thought, we realised having another boy would stop us having to take any girls kept from Eli and Nici's matings out to stud. So we decided given his fantastic pedigree, Korei would come and even up the boy numbers in the household, well a bit.
Korei is a goat disguised as a Russian, he has the hardest head butt of affection I have ever experienced, you can certainly tell he is from Glasgow. He also must have been a Velocerapter in a previous life, as he practically unhinges his jaw to eat, boy does he love his food but t 5 years old he is still thinks he is a growing boy.
He is also an instant purr machine, and is so soppy, anything other than give me a stroke and my dinner please, does not compute. he likes to spend a day at a show, getting lots of attention,

Korei is doing very well in the show world he has achieved his Imperial Grand Champion title in 2016, it took a while as only certain judges can do the Imperial class and we had been concentrating on showing the girls too. Korei gained his 3 Grand Challenge certificates out of only 6 shows, he also got 2 reserves. He became a Champion in 3 straight shows by 1 year old. Not bad as he only entered his first adult show at 10.5 months, on that occasion also winning, Best of Variety Adult, Overall Best of Variety and then Best in Show. It has to be noted that the last GCC certificate was from one of the toughest judges, so it is an extra honour, he has also won Best of breed on several occasions, over some very stunning and more mature cats.
What a fine handsome boy he has turned out to be, a fabulous mix of his parents and ancestors. Korei is Tasiya's father and she is just what we expected from the fantastic breedlines of Korei and his mate Eli coming together, as the kittens have one heck of a pedigree.
Korei was bred by our good friend Elisabeth Stark, Thank you Elisabeth for our special, handsome boy and the snoogle purr maker we wanted.
Korei became a Grand Champion at the Cheshire and area show 10th November 2012
10th March 2012  - BEST IN SHOW
Korei, on his first adult show stunned us all by getting 1st place, a Challenge Certificate, Best of Breed, Best of Variety Adult, Best Foreign Exhibit
and then .....
actually became overall BEST IN SHOW exhibit.
Quite an achievement especially considering he is only 10 .5 months old.

Grand Champion 
Koreshka Rudi Snaffleovski - (Rudi)

Petnames, Dude, Rude Dude, Rudes, Rude, Rudi Doodi, Mr Snaffles, Rudi 2 shoes, Ruda.

As you can see Rude lives up to his name of the Dude.

Kitten Picture
Rudi was the happiest purriest kitten we have ever had, maybe helped by the fact we had to bottle feed him initially as his Mum was a first time Mum, who didn't know what to do and her milk was not free flowing to start with..We had been wanting a boy mostly as a pet and have nearly kept a few in the past but we didn't get much say with this young man as he decided he was staying and used his beguiling ways to make us agree. He walks to heal like a dog, and falls at your feet when you stop. He sits in one hand, although he is a little large now and has to sit on your arm, he also purrs and paddles the air. He is Tasi and Nici's son, so is was our first second generation Koreshka in quite a number of years. He only did 2 shows as a kitten but did very well in adult classes becoming a grand champion quite quickly, these days he's more choosy about which shows to visit to attempt his Imperial certificates.