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 Our Queens -

UK & Imperial Grand Champion Troika Eliana Pushkina (Eli)

Pet names Eli (pronounced Ellie), EliBeth, Bethany, Ellington, and Ellington Tugboat (don't know where that one came from - well I do but it's complicated)!
Eli was a character as a youngster - quite a crazy fun loving girl. She could tear around the house like a 6 month old kitten when she felt like it but these days she is more laid back and very elegant. She is definitely Queen of the house and has such an endearing expression, her miaow, still has us laughing as she sticks out her tongue as she does it. She is now almost 7 years old and likes her me time every so often away from the younger cats .She knows how to get special treatment from us that she surely deserves for being our very special girl and for producing 3 of our special girls Roksi , Tassles and Lexi below.
Eli is a fabulous mother and she has it down to a tee, initially devoting all her time and care to the kittens and then instinctively knowing when to gradually spend less and less time with her babies, as they start to learn to be independent and explore food and litter training. This also includes joining in with their rough and tumble, telling them off if they get too carried away.
Eli has done very well in her show career , she achieved UK & Imperial Grand Champion status in October 2014, one of only a few UK & Imperial Russian Blues and to a lesser extent females. Eli made it look easy as she got 5 Imperial GCCS from 7 outings, so did very well to achieve her title so quickly. For the UK Title she attended the Supreme show, the  only show that you can get the certificates from, winning the two required in 2013 & 2014. She has also won BOB (Best of Breed) several times and BOV ( Best of Foreign Variety) a couple of times as an adult,  she also has Olympian certificate. She will not go to shows now, as she has done very well and has done her bit.
Eli was bred by our good friend Clare Bandy of Troika Russian Blues. Eli's parents produced many titled cats - and obviously Eli is following on in their paw steps. We are also proud that Eli was the first from her litter of award winning siblings to win the Imperial title.
Thank you Clare for letting us have our special girl - she has done us proud with her kittens , the first litter producing our special Koreshka girl in Roksi. Another litter with our handsome stud boy Korei produced our beautiful Tasiya, and after that with Lexi, who have all stayed with us. 
UK & Imperial Grand Champion Koreshka Roksana Rusina (Roksi)

Petnames - Roksi, Rokstar, Roks, Rokstable, , Roksi Roks.

Roksi is our 6 year old girl and she was one from of our first Koreshka kittens for a few years, we took a break due to illness but we have been back showing and breeding for a while now and enjoying it immensely. We were hoping Roksi would do well on the show bench for us and she has done just that so far. She loves it too, which we are thrilled about and lazes around in our arms showing off to passers by, that she has the most important trait of the breed a fantastic temperament, for which she has won 2 awards.
See what a beauty she is- also see the two pictures at the bottom of the Home of Koreshka Russians page.
and She was rather scrumptious as a baby as you can see below
The judges seemed to think so too, as she achieved 1st and Best of Breed in all but 2 of her kittens shows, where she was placed 2nd. She has also had 2 Best Foriegn kitten awards and a Best in Show foreign exhibit also. It was not a bad start to her show career.
Since May 2011, Roksi entered shows as an Adult, she became a Champion on 18th June 2011, again a fantastic achievement in just 4 shows and at the tender age of 11 months.
In the following show, although she couldn't enter the next category as she only became a Champion after the closing date - Roksi impressed again by getting first in all her classes, the challenge certificate, Best of Breed (BOB) and then went on to get Best of Foreign Variety adult.

Roksi became a Grand Champion on 16th June 2012, she has gained 3 Grand Challenge certificates and 4 reserves and 3 BOBs from eight shows with big classes and stiff competition. In one of the shows she achieved BOB over her Mum - sorry Eli. Roksi is now an Imperial Grand Champion and she has won the temperament class at both the RBBA and RACCS shows.She then quickly achieved Imperial status and currently has two Olympian certificates and one UK certificate. She did us proud in 2014 by winning overall Best in show at the Russian Blue Breeders show and in the December best Adult Russian at The RACCs show. Roksi has now become a UK Imperial Grand Champion, getting her 2 required certificates at the 2015 and 2016 Supreme cat Shows ( certs only from this annual show), she also got Best of Breed at both shows over all Russian Blue Adults, a very high achievement indeed. In the 2016 show Roksi's decorated pen also achieved 1st out of over 700 entries.

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At one of her shows, Roksi had her picture taken by Robert Fox of Photo Paws, this was part of her prize for winning top overal Royal Canin Foreign Exhibit for Feb 2011, this is in conjunction with the Cat Planet website.

Roksi is a nice mix of her parents and grandparents. She has a lovely thick plushy coat, huge ears with fabulous tufts and the most pretty face, with an excellent short wedge, something she is well known for, she gets more gorgeous by the day.

She has inherited her dads laid back approach and nice short head but has her mothers pretty face, silky coat and fabulous whisker pads. She has some of each of her parents manarisms, it is spooky to watch sometimes. Roksi likes to eat my hair and chat alot, she loves her food especially fish. She loves her cuddles and enchants judges at shows with this.

 Grand Champion Koreshka Tasiya Koreleva .

Petnames  Tassles, Tas, Tas-Tas, Tasi, Tasi Turbo.


Look at the gorgeous looks of this little lady as a baby. She has a lot of similarities in looks to her beautiful Mum Eli but also has her Dads sexy eyes. She has Dads short coat but with her Mum's silky texture and definitely Dad's laid back personality, with an even bigger purr. She is a little Imp she has no time to sit down, she is far too busy and loves to play and retrieve toys for us. She also likes her cuddles, an instant purr machine, who likes to give you a wash at the same time.










Picture right, I can also see Daddy's eyes looking at me.






















Picture left doesn't look dissimilar to the baby Roksi picture up above.



In the the pictures below , you can see the likeness to Mum, especially the whisker pads  and to Dad especially his sexy eyes, in the last one and she definitely has the the too much Vodka look, we expect to see in a good show Russian Blue.



















Tasiya went to a few shows as a kitten getting 1st and Best of breed in all but one, she also got best Russian female and BIS Overall Russian kitten at the 1st Raccs show. At her first Adult show on 1.6.13 she got the challenge certificate and first in all her classes.







Merseyside Show first adult show first in all classes,







Tasi became a Champion on 20th July 2013, getting her 3 certificates in 3 straight shows at only 10 months and 3 weeks old (don't enter adult classes until 9 months). 









Look how beautiful she has become 






















A previous years pictures in the garden - our cats are indoor cats, but sometimes in summer we take a few photos outdoors and Tasi was a poser for the camera.

































Tasi won the top adolescent Russian Female points award for the RACCS club 2013, this is given for the most points gained at shows throughout the year. She had kittens in October last year and is Mum to our little fella, Rudi. Must take a new photo as she now has the most devine emerald green eyes, colour can take a while to come though in Russians as can their coats.


Grand Champion Koreshka Olexsa Bluestar (Lexi) .


Petnames  Lexsi, Lex, Lexster.





Lexsi is the long awaited daughter of UK Imperial Grand Champion Furbell Stargazer, she should have been born to Roksi but, that didn't work out, despite lots of waiting and lots of costs including several trips up and down the country, so her Mum Eli stepped in to take her place and the result was the very gorgeous Lexsi. She has done very well at shows and won best in show Russian kitten at the RACCS show at just 16 weeks of age. She has just recently become a Champion , she is very relaxed and loves going to shows and wows by playing all day and even trying to run out of her pen chasing the pompom toys she loves and likes to retrieve like a dog.



Champion Koreshka Karina Raina ( Karina) .

Strangely enough, this girl only has one nick name or Littleun.


(Picture to follow)


She is a real live wire galloping aroung like a little horse but she absolutely loves her cuddles. She is an instant purr machine and often wins hearts of show judges by being such a fuss pot for a cuddle. She has already won a Grand Challenge certificate but is giving her Auntys a go at winning prizes while she grows through her teenage time.


She is the daughter of Rudi and Karina who we sadly lost last year - so reminds us of her Mum sometimes.